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Wednesday, July 31st


Holy crap! What the hell is this? It's a Sod and Git! And it doesn't even feature Sod or Git. Get ready for some Black History Month Knowledge..... 6 or so months late. Click it, click it, yes, yes!

Finally, a Bums story arc. This is part one in what very well may be the longest ongoing story that you will ever read on this site... if we don't get bored. Get to the readin!


Saturday, July 27th

Man, that chick is HOT! Wow. Go read Bums 7, and find out what the hell she's doing on the screen.


Thursday, July 25th

It's time to meet the first addition to our little Bum Family. His name is Otto, and he looks familiar. Well to me anyway. To the rest of you eh, who cares about the rest of you. Go read Bums 6.



Tuesday, July 23rd

Do Bums have a heart? Do they care? Do they love? If you cut them, do they bleed? I think being a bum is sorta like being new at a job. People know you're there, but they sorta wish you weren't. And then sometimes they give you money. Read Bums 5 now.


Wednesday, July 17th


The Bums are back and hungry! Click on over to get some grub.


I bet you're reading this and chances are you tell your friends you don't come to this site. What the hell is wrong with you? You have issues. Yer just a sad, pathetic, human. But hey, read the new Bums, eh. Read it now >>

And so the journey continues for our Bums. It ain't easy being homeless and broke. Sometimes you must depend on the kindness of strangers to get you by. Or to just get you high. Read Bums #2 now >>


Hey there! Today we present for the first time, the all new Television Sitcom in Comic Form, BUMS!! Follow the sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, but always entertaining adventures of your favorite Bums. It's so damn cool it even has it's own opening theme! Check it out now! And tell your friends!


Monkeys, Space, War, little piggies.. What is this and why did it take 8 websites to pull it off?? Read all about it, and read the entire 8 part story!!


It's Tax Day! Did you file your taxes? Getting money back? Paying the man? Screw them. Take a break, kick back and listen to Sod and Git. You have till midnight to file your taxes, but laughter is a once in a lifetime event.. okay, it's not, but around here it is. Go!>>>




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