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Thursday, March 20th - 2K3

So you read the first chapter of Senshi and you've been eagerly awaiting the second. Well wait no longer my duck loving friend! It's here and let me tell you this. It's pretty! Oh, so pretty! Check it out!

Awww look at all the wittle Pooh's!! Aren't they cute? Bah, what do you know! They are cute. Even cuter when they have gas. Trust me. But I assure you there are no gassy Pooh's in this weeks Sod and Git. No seriously, they're aren't! See for yourself!


Wednesday, March 11th - 2K3

We keep making them.. Why? Because we care. Because we know there are those of you out there who can not live without this strip to get you through your daily lives. We know who you are. You know who you are. You're our number one fan. We're still waiting for number two. Read it!!

Tuesday, February 25th - 2K3

Just when you thought the world of Sod and Git couldn't get anymore complicated, enter Chloe!

Monday, February 10th - 2K3

Bet ya didn't think we'd be back so soon, huh? Well we are, so get to checking what's up with Sod and Git this week. As Chloe's arrival gets closer, will Sod go insane? Read it now!!

Saturday, February 1st - 2K3

Well it's been quite a long time hasn't it? It's been a WHOLE YEAR since launched and about 3 Months since our last update. But we are BACK! I know, you can hardly contain yourself. The excitement has reached a fever pitch, and your blood is aching for a shot of the H! Well relax, here it is!


Mark Bleckley and Jason Cunningham bring you the first part in their Epic Saga, Senshi Kamo Warrior Duck! Now get the duck over there and read it! Prologue and Chapter one!


So you're not a Sod and Git fan. Well who is? Actually there are a few of you out there, and hopefully the new direction we are taking with our dilapidated duo doesn't frighten, and confuse you like I usually do. A new look, a new format, but same old stupid heads. Check it out!!


Like clockwork here we are with another update. I mean how snappy are we? Every 9th Thursday! You can set your clock to us, baby!

Git's ready for this Halloween, but are you? Read Sod and Gits Guide to a prosperous Halloween and you will be! Read it now

It's trial time! Can the Bums actually succeed in their plan to trick the judicial system? Yeah, that should be reallll hard. Read it now!

They've got a plan, now it's time to follow through with it! Can Bill shut his trap long enough for them to get arrested? Will two cops make a guest appearance? Find out now!

A plan is hatching and brain cells are scrambling. What does Steptoe have up his sleave? And will Bill eat it? Part Two of Rock Breakin' Bums is here

What the hell is Johns problem anyway? Hell if I know. I just put these things up. Sod and Git #66 actually stars Sod and Git. You know you wanna click it

Holy crap! What the hell is this? It's a Sod and Git! And it doesn't even feature Sod or Git. Get ready for some Black History Month Knowledge..... 6 or so months late. Click it, click it, yes, yes!

Finally, a Bums story arc. This is part one in what very well may be the longest ongoing story that you will ever read on this site... if we don't get bored. Get to the readin!



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