The Big Story.. IS HERE!

So of course you are now asking yourself "what the hell is the Big Story?". Well the Big Story is a unified effor by 8 different comic strips and their websites to bring you one big story that pans across each of those sites. Below you will find a link to the first 7 parts of this story and a link to the 8th and final part which appears here on

Each website and creator(s) were given free range of where they wanted to go with the story. Incorportating their own characters or just using what the previous person did, as long as it furthured the story. It was an interesting experiment and a great way to cross promote our sites. I hope you enjoy it, especially our part, and I encourage you to visit each of the sites that participated in the Big Story, and look around and enjoy thier sites as much as you do this one. Or more. Probably more.

Special "Shod" out to Eddie over at Bollox Comics for setting this all up. Go visit his site!

Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five - Part Six - Part Seven

Le Finale' - Part Eight - By US!