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ABOUT US is a site dedicated to bringing you slightly better than mediocre entertainment from only slightly above average talent. The things that appear here will only be of the best quailty......that we can get for a buck fifty and a bag of Big League Chew...mmmm big League Chew.. oh sorry. Anyway, the content on the site will usually be brought to you by the creative GENIUSES behind the Award Winning* team of Sod and Git.

Wipe your drool, there's more! Or there will be. Eventually. If you think you've got what it takes to be seen my tens and tens of people then email us and convince us to give you that shot that your badminton coach in High School never did!

That's about all you need to know. If you'd like to know more, send an email, I'm sure one of our talented staff members will be glad to ignore you.

- Staff


*Award pending.

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